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Tres Marias Guacamole 250 g

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UPC: 18
Brand: Tres Marias
Fresh and Flavorful Mexican Guacamole - Crafted with care, this guacamole offers the perfect balance of mild and medium heat, capturing the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine. Enjoy Tres Marias Guacamole Mild - Medium as a versatile and delicious Mexican dip. This guacamole, prepared with fresh and handpicked ingredients, embodies the essence of Mexican culinary traditions. Perfect for dipping tortilla chips, adding to tacos, or using as a zesty topping for your favorite Mexican dishes. The combination of mild and medium heat makes it a crowd-pleaser suitable for various taste preferences.

INGREDIENTS: Avocado, Tomatoes, Onion, Hot Peppers, Cilantro, Lime, Sea Salt

#Gluten Free

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