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Tres Marias Burritos-Eggs w/chorizo wheat

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Product Details
UPC: 855754001779
Brand: Tres Marias

Authentic Mexican Breakfast Burritos - Crafted with care, these breakfast burritos offer a savory and traditional combination of eggs and chorizo, wrapped in a wheat tortilla. Savor Tres Maria Eggs with Chorizo Burritos as a delicious and convenient breakfast or anytime meal. These burritos feature the rich and flavorful pairing of eggs and chorizo, wrapped in a wheat tortilla, providing a taste of Mexican culinary traditions that you can enjoy any time of the day.

INGREDIENTS: Tortilla (Wheat Flour, WWater, Canola Oil, Sea Salt, Whey, Butter Extract), Chorizo (Pork Sausage), Eggs, Organic Black Beans, Potatoes, Onion, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic

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